General Goods and Wares

“Greetings, fellow believers! Please feel free to browse out modest wares- priced selectively for true followers of Iuventus” A young gentleman with strangely aged eyes beckons you inside his booth.


(10) Cure Light Wounds 35 gp

(10) Cure Moderate Wounds 175 gp
***********ONE OF THESE IS AN IMP************

(3) Cure Serious Wounds 500 gp

General Adventuring Goods

(3) Grappling Hook 1gp

(1) Packet of Chalk 1gp

(2) Flint and Steel 1gp

(4) Lantern, common 1gp

(3) Hemp Rope 50’ 1gp

(3) Silk Rope 50’ 10gp

(8) Torch, 10 pack 2gp

(6) Sunrod 5gp
*********ONE OF THESE IS AN IMP*********

(10) Holy Water flask 25gp

(5) Everburning torch 100gp

(6) Acid Flask 15gp

(5) Disguise Kit 75gp


(10) Monk of Iuventus Vestements 25gp

(5) High Priest Vestements 75gp

Atlantis Magic Items

“Ah! Come in! Come in!” beckons a finely dressed gentleman with well manicured nails and finely coiffed hair. “Welcome to the Atlantis Magic Item Stall! I’m sure you will be quite please with the selection we have to offer. With trades and inventory being delivered from across the world daily, and special discounts for faithful Iuventus followers, I would be happy to equip you for your stay here or journey back above with the most modest prices you will find. Here is a selection of our standard offerings- I’m also pricing a few more unusual recent trades as we speak. Let me know if your interests are a bit more diverse.”


(25) Cure Light Wounds 45 gp

(20) Cure Moderate Wounds 200 gp

(5) Cure Serious Wounds 600 gp

(10) Hide from Undead 75 gp

(2) Levitate 250 gp

(1) Eagle’s Splendor 250 gp

(5) Invisibility 300 gp

(2) Remove Curse 600 gp

(1) Gaseous Form 600 gp

(25) Elixir of Love 25 gp

(2) Elixir of Fire Breath 400 gp


Ring of Protection +3 5,000 gp

Ring of Invisibility 10,000 gp

Ring of Evasion 15,000 gp

Amulet of Health +4 10,000 gp

Amulet of Mighty Fists +1 3,000 gp

Amulet of Natural Armor +3 10,000 gp

Bracers of Archery, Lesser 2,000 gp

Bracers of Archery, Great 5,000 gp

Necklace of Fireballs Type III 3,000 gp



Scroll of Fireball 275 gp

Scroll of lighting bolt 275 bp

Scroll of ice storm 700 gp

Scroll of Stoneskin 950 gp

Scroll of summon monster IV 700

Scroll of Reveal Fairy doorway 1000 gp

Scroll of cure light wounds, mass (arcane) 1,625 gp


Scroll of cure minor wounds 12 gp

Scroll of find traps, 25 gp

Scroll of cure mod wounds 150 gp

Scroll of Remove Fairy Curse 1000 gp


Bag of Holding Type I 1,500 gp

Unused Basic Robe of Useful Items 1,000 gp

Non Listed Special Items

Used Custom Robe of Useful Items 2,000 gp
(all standard items plus these UNKNOWN ITEMS: Mule with Saddle Bags, A 1′×1′ cube of ice, 10’ wooden ladder, 12’ rowboat plus oars, bag of 100 gp, 2 cure light wounds. Player will know what these items are after purchase and upon donning the cloak)

Mace of Blood +3 2,000 gp
Mace must be coated in blood everyday or looses it bonus. DO NOT TELL PLAYERS THIS NEXT PART: Character must make a DC 13 Will Save or become chaotic evil.

Wings of Flying 5,000 gp
Appears no more than an ordinary black cloak, but when the wearer speaks the command word the cloak turns into a pair of bat wings that allows the character to fly at a spped of 60 ft, good maneuverability.

Drapper’s Armor and Weaponry

A towering dark eyed man with a booming voice beckons you from inside a red trade stall. “Welcome my friends! You look like true warriors for the cause. Please feel free to browse our selection- the finest weaponry and defensive gear- procured from around the globe- especially for the fighters who defend our beloved god.”


(3) Masterwork Chainmail (+1) 100gp

Masterwork Half Plate (+1) 600gp

Masterwork Full Plate (+2) 2,000gp

Mitheral Chain Shirt plus Mod Fortification (75% chance for normal damage when crit attack is rolled) 900gp

Full plate plus Silent Moves (+5 competancy bonus on Move Silently) 4,000gp


(2) Quiver of Five Iuventus Embued Arrows (+3 enhancement bonus on attack rolls- must stte to shoot this arrow before firing) 600gp

4 Iuventus Embued Crossbow bolts (+3 on attack- same as above) 600gp

(5) Masterwork Longsword (+1) 50gp

(5) Masterwork Shortsword (+1) 35gp

(3) Masterwork Scimitar (+2) 100gp

Masterwork Cold Iron Longsword (+1 enhancment on attack rolls) 800 gp

Adamantine Longsword (+2 enhancement bonus on attack rolls) 1,000 gp

Adamantine Battleaxe (+1 enhancement bonus on attack rolls) 700 gp

Holy Morningstar (deals an extra 2d6 against evil alignment) 1,000gp

Quiver of 10 Slaying Arrows (Against Undead- even though undead typically don’t make a fort save, they must against a hit DC20 or die instantly regardless of damage dealt) 500 gp


Ring of Natural Shield (provides +2 Natural Shield Bonus) 1500 gp

Ring of Evasion (when wearer makes reflex save for half damage, a sucessful save results in no damage) 1000gp

(3) Demona’s Ring of Eternal Blessedness (Cannot be worn by “good” alignment, neutral or evil only- allows the wearer to begin each day with +7 temporary hit points that last for 3 hours) 900 gp


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