As you enter this room, there is a long, polished mahogany counter with several stunning people attending to the flow of traffic. A small group of people in the corner are taking off their common clothing and changing into sleek, dark robes. It is difficult to tell in the dimly lit room, but you don’t believe the robes are completely opaque.

A gorgeous gentleman behind the counter flashes an encouraging smile at you- “Welcome, friends. Please, come forward so that I may assess your size.”

With all of the swiftness of a professional tailor, he pulls robes for each of you from a rack behind the counter. “I see not all of you have come to fully experience the blessings of Iuventus. These next two days will surely be a wonder. Feel free to change over there (he motions to a corner in the room) and leave your former garb at the counter. We will hold it for you until you are spiritually renewed and ready to return to the outer world.”

(After this enconter, players will find this room unattended at all other times. Move Silently DC12 to retrieve clothing/weapons/armor left behind without arousing suspicion).

A tall, slender woman with pale skin and luminous violet eyes hesitantly changes in the corner opposite of your group. Her moments appear to be unsure and slightly bashful in spite of her obvious youthful beauty. She smiles cautiously at (choose male from quest).

“Hey there. This is awkward, but, well, I’ve never really been down here before. This was the first time my onclave ever invited me but…um…well, I don’t know where any of them are. Do you know where we’re going?”

(of course, he doesn’t. Judge by the reaction how to proceed)

“I’ve really not been familiar with Iuventus very long. My father came home about a year ago and insisted that my family converted. It seemed a little strange at first but, after a while…I don’t know. All of my father’s health problems dissappeared and, for the first time since I was a child, he seemed happy and vibrant again. What about you?”

“My name is Nomande, I’m so sorry- I should have said that earlier. What’s yours?”

You are interrupted by a gentleman with slick black hair and well manicured hands. He enters the room with a certain pomp. “Welcome, inductees. We are so blessed to have your enrich our community- and look forward to sharing the blessings of Iuventus in turn with you. Please follow me to your quarters.”

Nomande looks at (player’s name) hesitantly. “I really thought my brother would have been here by now. Could I come with you?”


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