Training Facility

These two large, open rooms are connected by a wide 10’ hall. These rooms appear to be more well lit than many of the hallways you’ve walked through. The front room is empty- save for some training equipment: wooden beams in straight lines, large barley sacks filled and hanging from the jagged ceiling, ropes and iron weights. The room reeks of stale sweat.

LISTEN/SPOT DC 15: You hear what you think to be 8-12 men in the room further away- a primary voice is shouting commands rapidly and there is the sound of movement.

LISTEN/SPOT DC 22: At the very end of the hall, you see a large wooden door.

LISTEN/SPOT DC Nat 20 or 28: Out from under the door, you believe to see an oily looking smoke, slowly rolling with spider-like curls along the floor before dissapating into the air.

Training Facility

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