The Death of Lady Melody

St. Clunis’ Quincentenary Festival was a week long celebration with featuring musicians from all corners of the country, merchants peddling rare and masterly crafted items out of colorful tents, exotic food and endless amount of ale. The night before featured a circus with death defining dare devils and tamed monsters that the children could pet. Before that, was a play honoring Count Hampton’s victory over goblin raiders at the turn of the century.

The citizens were exhausted from the excitement as they gathered watch the final events of the Festival, but were running on pure adrenaline. A parade featuring the town guard, and the universities’ band, followed by a firework show.

But the townspeople’s mood quickly changed when they noticed the Marshall of the Parade. Their glee vanished and was replaced with disdain. Lady Melody was leading the parade on a white charger. She was young again, years younger than the last time they seen her just a few short weeks again. She rode in the settle tall, her face gave off a clear look of superiority as she rode above the crowd. The crowd begin to murmur, hiss and boo the women they came to place blame on their plight.

No one saw who did it, that is, if you read the official report. But unofficially, it was Tim Feller who throw the rock. Tim’s second daughter had vanished a few days before the start of the Quincentenary Festival. Like his oldest daughter who disappeared two years before, and the countless children in between, none expected to ever find here.

But back to the rock.

The rock struck the horse. The horse panicked, reared up on it’s hind legs, and the then back down again and bucked it’s rider. Lady Melody fell from her saddle and hit her head. No one saw who did it, but every one saw what happened to Lady Melody after she hit her head. Her breathing slowed then stopped. A glaze of horror washed over her face. Storm clouds descended from the west, they say it came directly from Overlook Manor. The clouds were so low that the churches’ steeple was covered.

When the last breath escaped her lips, Lady Melody’s body aged. Again she was the old maid the town had known before. “It was her! She took our children!” someone cried out from the crowd. The Festival of this proud logging town had descended into a drunken riot. Her body was body was burnt and a Mob had marched on Overlook Manor.

There, the Mob was meet by Squad of Count Hampton’s army who had been dispatched the year before to protect his sister after allegations of witchcraft, necromancy, and tyranny were falsely placed on his sister. The Captain of the Guard was able to push quail the mob with no more loss of life, much to his credit.

The Death of Lady Melody

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