Private Quarters

A stark contrast to Demona’s private den of sin, this living space is stark with functionality. A small, single bed with a wooden frame is tightly made with common linen bedclothes. A few shelves hold manuals and tactical books- and on the nightstand is a copy of the The Book of Iuventus.

In a wardrobe to the side of the bed you find several neatly pressed sets of military grab in immaculate order.

Attached to the room is a small private restroom with the basic necessities.

This room appears to be underground- carved, perhaps, from some prexisting cavern system. The air has a cloistered, musty smell and the floors are uneven.

SEARCH: DC 20 Finds a private journal written in an unknown code. Maps and illustrations of the suthor suggests that it may be a progress review of military training- as well as plans for waging war on the world above. As you turn the pages, a delicate piece of parchment falls out. Intensely perfumed in a seductive fragrance, the handwritten note appears to be written by a woman’s hand in the same code as the journal itself. (Player who finds/read the journal and note must make a DC 15 Will Save or become highly suggestable by all PCs and NPCs for the next ten minutes (real time)- any subsequent player who handles the note must make a DC 10 Will Save, then DC 5- after three players the affects are nullified and the note becomes normal)

Private Quarters

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