Pleasure Rooms

Only one of these rooms opens when you test the door. Inside, a sultry voice purrs “Come in- and know the rewards awaiting those faithful to Iuventus.”

The room is dimly lit by flickering candles. A plush platform arises slightly in the center of the room. “Sit- and come to know heaven.”

The heavy door gently swings close behind you.

If they sit

The candles seem to dim slightly and (males) are paralyzed with an overwhelming sense of euphoria. “What have you brought into our chamber?” the voice asks, “Allow me to remove these distractions so that we may more deeply commune.” (ATTACK directed at FEMALES ONLY : If party members sit on their own free will, men must make a saving roll to take part in the fight.)

If they attempt leave

The room is suddenly filled with a bright light. Behind you, the door has bolted shut and you are confronted with (description of raging succubus). “How dare you refuse the blessings of Iuventus? You can be nothing but infidels, soiling this holy chamber.”

(ATTACK directed at ENTIRE GROUP: Men have a negative to hit/negative to damage but are capable of fighting)

Pleasure Rooms

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