Marble Hall

This enormous hall is cold and clinically clean. Enormous marble slabs- laid in a checkered black and white pattern- adorn the floor. There is a large vesitble with a downward leading staircase on the opposite side of the room.

(Search for Traps DC15 reveals that the room has a rather unusual construction- but no immediate danger is felt, DC20 reveals that there are mechanisms on the side walls…and the pattern of the marble on the floor is suspiciously laid)

If a player jumps to another black tile, a set of three poison darts shoots out. They miss (on purpose-but make sure you roll the dice)

Darts will continue to shoot and miss as long as players step on black tile.

When a player steps on the white part, they discover that the white “marble” is actually thin plaster while the black marble is the top of tall pillars. They fall into the room below (15’). Reflex save DC15 for half damage (2d6).

This leads into the room Iuventus is occupying. So does the staircase (if they choose to continue to hop on black tile)

To get back onto this level, they must climb the staircase and hop from black tile to black tile.

Marble Hall

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