Living Quarters

As you turn the corner you walk through a set of cloud-like sheer drapery into a long hallway. The hallway is wide enough to allow for small groups of brethen to assemble, laughing and conversing without disturbing the flow of traffic. The place seems alive with new arrivals.

The left side of the hallway boasts seven solid doors- onto which painstaking filigree has been carved. Each door is embossed with a golden number. The right side of the hallway has four doors- more spaciously placed and indicating larger quarters.

The walls are stunningly polished white alabaster. As you look up, the ceiling is no longer present, but appears to be a serene blue sky perfectly dotted with ideallic white clouds. You pass one of three large fountains, spilling forth a rich burgundy fluid into a pristine polished silver basin, in the main walkway as you are lead to your quarters. One of the brethern down the hall breaks from her conversation to cup her hands into the fountain. She drinks deeply, and, wiping the corners of her delicate lips, closes her eyes in estacy. A glowing lustre flushes over her youthful features and her bosom heaves a sigh of delight.

The door opens to your quarters to reveal a small but lavishly decorated room.

“With the festival approaching, we have such limited space available. I hope this room will be suitable to your needs.You are welcome to enjoy the many luxeries available in our compound- our pleasure rooms, should need refreshment, are across the hall…or perhaps the library, should you be interested in intellectual stimulation instead. And, of course, The Fountains of Iuventus are always flowing with rejuvenation.” (he/she) looks skyward and whispers a blessing in an unknown tounge. “Here is the key to your quarters. Please make us aware if there is anything you require before tomorrow’s feast begins.”

(4/5/6) Beds with silk sheets and plush down comforters invite you in.

Living Quarters

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