A pair of enormous 20’ doors stand open at the end of the hallway to reveal an opulent library.

Even the most artistically insensitive member of your group is taken aback by the 30’ arched ceilings, meticulously covered in majestic murals depicting dramatic scenes of ancient mythology. This room appears to be ages old- it would have taken generations to complete a place such as this. Generations- or strong magic….Elegant, warm wood encases endless rows of priceless literature. This is the learn-ed man’s paradise.

To your left, three large rounded tables serve as community study areas- around which a few followers sit enjoying their meditative study. Although there are many books available to read, they all appear to be reading copies the same thick, rust red leather bound tome. At the end of the massive room, you can barely make out what appear to be alcoves designed for more private study.

To Be Read Upon Inquiry of Red Leather Book

The follower looks up and smiles wryly, as if your question was an ironic inquiry. “What am I reading? Why, fellow brethren of youth, this is the salvation of all mankind. Other books here gather dust- they pale in comparison to wisdom of Iuventus. Quench your thirst for truth.”

He gestures at an ornately carved oak cart with several copies of the same book.

See The Book of Iuventus

See Secret Corridor


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