Idol Room

A long hall just wide enough for one person to pass seems to end with five nooks.

To the left, a diamond encrusted idol in the face of Demona stands on a white marble pedestal (7,000gp worth). To the right, the face of Grograman stares back at you- a solid gold idol layered with flawless gemstones the size of pigeon eggs (4,000gp). In front of you, at the end, is a spun gold and silver tapestry of the face of Iuventus himself.

(If character proceeds beyond first two nooks…) You look again to your left and see yourself. An idol so beautiful, a replica of your exact face but an inner glow within makes you feel younger, more powerful, more attractive than ever. You feel as if you are capable of leading mass armies- commanding lords and kings to your bidding. You see visions of yourself controlling the weather, the tide, the motions of the very planets. DC20 Will Save. If Save, you manage to break free of the pull of Iuventus and turn back. If Failed, you are transfixed by the offerings of Iuventus. You no longer hear the sound of your comrades behind you, but the sound of enemies approaching. You turn to attack.

(Nonlethal damage may subdue the character and bring back to the party. Character is bound to be ruthless in their fight against the party- dealing as much damage as possible. A characterknocked unconscious and then healed back is also brought back to the party- but looses one level of alignment on the good-neutral-evil scale).

Idol Room

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