Disciplinary Room

The door to this room is a thick, plank wooden door- bound together with heavy iron braces and iron hinges. Inside, you hear muffled sounds of violence and pain.

Door is locked. DC 16 to open. Door is not trapped.

The door opens with a rusty whine that is uncomfortably loud. Inside, three men striped to the waist are chained to the wall. One looks badly wounded while one senses an element of dread in the other. Another hangs by cuffs secured around his wrists and is being severely lashed by two armed men in full uniform. Around the room is scattered various forms of pain inflicting implements with blood sufficient for you to deduce that they are not just for show.

A startled rattle from one of the prisoners alerts the two men in military uniform to your presence. (Initiative: If PCs unchained prisoners, they also attack. They are part of the evil army being disciplined by their superiors. In spite of their perceived treatment, they still hold to the same ideals as the others in this cult).

Disciplinary Room

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