Demona's Quarters

As you walk behind two thick velvet curtains, you enter what appears to be a small dressing room with two guards standing watch over a doorway. The room contains two small chairs and a mirror. The guard tell you this area is restricted and ask you to leave.

(fight of some sort)

Beyond the door you find Demona’s personal quarters. Filled with lavish furnishings from all corners of the world, the private greeting area seems suited to entertaining small groups of people. Off to the left, a door stands open to what appears to be a sleeping area. Ahead is a room with a large ebony table with six chairs.


Demona’s bedroom indicates, at the very least, an appreciation for a variety of night time entertaiments. Rich silk bedding and tasteful luxuries draw attention away from a variety of partially obscured contraptions. On her bureau, you see a varety of intricately carved crystal vials and glass diffusers. You find:

Potion Cure Serious Wounds (750 gp)

Potion of Levitate (300 gp)

Variety of Exotic Perfumes (300 gp)

Living Area

The living area is a comfortably furnished room with a crackling fireplace, large leather lounging chairs, and a rare albino dire wolf rug on the floor. You notice one chair seems to be worn more than the others and, on a stand beside it, rests a small stack of books.It appears Demona’s interests are more broad than one may have expected- the books include a reference to foreign country’s botanical studies, a historical biography on the great Druidic rulers of the south, and, of course, a lurid romance.

Demona's Quarters

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