Demona Room

This door is unlocked and swing easily open. Kneeling in the far corner, you see a woman in a white dress with long auburn hair.

(She does not respond to any communication until characters enter within a 5’ reach)

If a character reaches out to touch her before engaging in verbal communication- a glowing forcefield prevents contact.

As she stands and turns- you recognize the all-too-familair face of Demona…the Erinyes you defeated earlier in your journey.

“I anticipated your arrival and have cast this field of protection around me so that we might speak on peaceful terms.”

(after this- any attacks are a go from either side. She will defend herself with her full previous character, but cannot die. She disappears when at half health.)

“I had been trapped on this plane by the god Iuventus- tricked into his bidding when he conquered my homeworld. Like many of my people, I was swayed by the promise of power and youth- but in turn it was Iuventus who gained control over my powers, transporting me to a place where my talents would further his lust for domination. My death here freed my soul, but upon returning to my home I found that all hope had been lost. His hold over my people is now complete; they have sunk into total depravity and disease of the mind. I summoned all good remaining in my world to return here…hoping to yet aid you in your quest to defeat Iuventus.”

“I have something to tell you about this place. These are the private chambers- the inner sanctuary of Iuventus. You will find him here. Search before the great marble hall for two rooms. Inside, his protectors lay in wait- but there are healing powers there as well which made aid you in your fight against this god. Carry with you, in these rooms, the idols which hold my face and the face of my lover. Place them on the pedestals in these healing chambers- and Iuventus’ protectors will no longer assaile you should you need to return during your fight with him.”

Demona shimmers and dissappears.

Demona Room

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