Act Two Overview

GM’s Overview:

This level is the ultimate hack n’ slash level with a catch: time. The PCs, having just transported to this deeper level of deceit, discover an army of undead and depraved being prepared for ultimate global takeover. However, once they set foot onto this level- a clock begins.

The PCs may not know it, but their destruction of Demona can only go unnoticed for so long. Not only are there enough evil entities to make the second level impossible for rest (thereby forcing the PCs to ultimately rely on potions or the blood fountain to sustain themselves through their passage to the third level), but the longer they spend on this level the more difficult it will become to escape it.

I would suggest putting a real time clock (outside of the game) to time the consequences of their arrival. Perhaps 15 minutes (real earth time) until an alert is sent out to the NPCs on this level regarding the demise of Demona. After this 15 minute grace period, it is impossible to retreat back into the level before.

After 20 minutes, the roaming Death Knight is hit with the full affect of loosing his beloved. This should be added into his character, where perhaps he can roll a chance to be subject to berserker fighting fits if encountered after this twenty minute period.

If the characters spend more than 50 minutes (real time) on this level, red alert is rolled out and back up begins to arrive.

These times are suggestions- to be changed when we next meet. I just think setting out a real clock in front of the PCs and having them realize that at predetermined intervals bad stuff begins to happen will force them to make speedy decisions and add and element of haste to this level- completely changing the pace of the game and building momentum for the final level.

Act Two Overview

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