Act One Overview

GM’s Overview:

This level of the cult’s lair is intended to be the “PR” section of the cult- all of the riches, youth, sex, food, knowledge, and high life living necessary to convert your average upper middle-class person into a blood thirsty crazy person. Any search magic checks should be practically useless on this level- as much of the construction of this place is a powerfully convincing illusion.

Most of the brethren here are “innocent” to the true depth of depravation the cult represents. They are wealthy, or at least merchant class, and generally comprised of bored older noblefolk who are looking for a little excitement or to reclaim their youth in some capacity. There are also a number of naturally younger folks- sons and daughters of lower nobility or the merchant class who don’t have anything better to do than to get involved with a secret society. And, hey, a sacrificial peasant or two is a small price to pay for youth and power.

This level is intended to be absolutely posh and play to all levels of human desire. Most of the followers of Iuventus will never see beyond this level of pleasure. They have no real reason (other than the occasional human sacrifice) to believe that this is really a bad thing. Hence, should the players attack a brethren or be stupid enough to fight in the presence of the brethren, the consequences should be very severe for the party. Such attacks would undoubtedly provoke an angry mob of religious fanatics, and should end with at least one of the party member’s dying in a rather gruesome manner (hey- potential for public sacrifice, anyone?)

In charge of this level is Demona- a powerful Eryines capable of a great deal of deceit and destruction.

Act One Overview

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