Act one encounters

Hell Cats

The hellcats start stalking the players until they enter the the chapel. Any time a player makes a spot check, it’s contested with with a move silent check on the hellcats. The player gets a +1 anytime the same PC makes a check. The hell cats will attack the PCs once they are in area by themselves, or after will join into the meeting room encounter.

They will not enter Demonia’s room, but will wait for the PCs to emerge afterwards.

Monster manaul 1: page 55.
Hellcat 1
HP: 60

Hellcat 2:
HP: 57

Initiative: +9
Speed: 8 squares
AC: 21
Touch AC: 14
Damage reduction 5/Good.
Fire resistant 10
Spell resistant 19
Full Attack; 2 claws +13 melee, 1d8 +6 and bite 2d8 +3

Invisible in any light that a human can see.


The players may acquire an item that is really an Imp in an alternate form. The Imp will join any encounter that the attempts to use said item. The player gets a DC 20 spot check when they attempt to use the item. A failed attempted means the imp gets a surprise attack. The imp will take his turn before the PC from this round out.

Monster manual page 56
HP: 13
Initiative: +3
speed, 4 squares, 10 flying
AC: 20
Touch AC: 15
Flat AC: 17
Damage reduction 5/Good.
fast healing +2
attack: sting, +8 melee. 1d4 plus poison.

Fortitude DC13. initial damage 1d4, second 2d4 DEX.

Succubus (Leanara) (MM 47)
HP 33
Int 1
AC 20, Touch 11, flat 19
Speed 30, fly 50
Attack Claw +7 (1d6
Full Attack 2 claws 7 (1d610)

She will attempted us her energy drain first. She will also attempt to summon a Vrock

Vrock (MM 48)
HP 115
Int 2
AC 22, touch 11, flat 20
Attack claw 15 (2d6 +6)
Full attack 2 Claws + 15, (2d6 +6) bite +1 13 (1d8
3) 2 talons 13 (1d63)

Act one encounters

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