The Book of Iuventus

The "bible" of the cult of Iuventus


At first glance, the Book of Iuventus appears to be much the same as any other cultish religious tome. Quite a bit of elaborate fluff written in fancy prose and very little substance. The book focuses on Iuventus, a powerful force whose actions towards mankind have, throughout history, apparently been misinterpreted.

The book of Iuventus is a rough history of the god’s interactions with mankind. At first, Iuventus had intentions of taking away the bitterness of mortal life for all of mankind. When his endless love was met with rejection and worse- expulsion from the earthly realm- he turned to cultivating his love only for a select following of brethren. These brethren, the true believers of Iuventus, have been blessed by the tenfold attention of the great being. He not only bestows eternal youth on his faithful, but great power over the magical realm- so long as they continue to remain faithful in observing his rituals.

The book doesn’t dive too specifically into the details of these rituals- only that they are necessary to bring forth the blessings of Iuventus and also serve to punish those who choose not to follow the love of Iuventus. The book encourages seekers of Iuventus to seek wisdom from their elders, who have access to further insights through close communion with the god.

The book promises to begin bestowing power in miraculous ways almost immediately upon reading. (Some spell or something for the magic users in the party should be inserted here for them to find)


The Book of Iuventus

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