Demona's Flaming Composite bow

Composite bow with the upper and lower carve to appear as angel wings

weapon (ranged)

+1 attack, +1d6 fire damage.

Detectible: When worn, the bow isn’t detectible if the wearer does not want it to be detectible. If person is searched, this bow will not be found. A detect magic will reveal that there is a spell hiding something, but only a dispel magic DC 20 + Will bonus of the wearer will reveal the bow.

Cursed: Hate or Depression. Owner of the bow will feel extreme hate for whoever landed the killing blow on Demona. They will never come to the aid of the person who killed her without making a DC 15 Will check. If they roll a one the check, they will attack the person instead of aiding them.

If they are that person, they will feel extreme depression and will refuse all healing attempts without a DC 15 will check. If they are near any type of heights, they will attempt suicide at if they fail a DC 10 will check.


Carved as a gift from her first mark, this composite bow is never out of reach of Demona / Nomade. It can be recovered from her if killed,

Demona's Flaming Composite bow

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