Tourege certainly has the skill to become a high ranking military official- but his mouth always seems to get in the way. When not actively fighting, he has a penchant for making trouble of his own- bending the intent of his orders to satisfy idle curiosity and a need for action.

Tourege the son of a merchant family. His childhood wasn’t unusually easy or difficult….or really unsuaul in any way. The prospect of traveling beyond the neighborhood tavern drove him to join the kingdom’s defense forces. He showed significant skill with a longsword and shield- which opened up grand opportunties in the personal defense of the royal palace. Those opportunities dried up about a month ago when he mistook the king’s young neice as a lusty servant wench (he was only half wrong), He narrowly avoided discharge and was reassigned to this venture.

If Sir Galahad is in play. the two are already aquainted from their time spent in the palace guard. They may not be on the best of terms. They have vastly differerent moral views and have had some conflict during their time together. Tourege doesn’t have much respect for Sir Galahad’s poetic style…Sir Galahad doesn’t appreciate Tourege in general.



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