Tim Feller

St. Cunnis farmer who kills Lady Feller


Tim Feller is a farmer in St. Clunis. His oldest daughter Mary disappeared two years before St. Clunis’ Quincentenary Festival. She was never heard from again.

Like many people around the town, Tim blamed Lady Melody for the disappearance. When his youngest daughter; Heather; also vanished, Tim vowed revenge. During the Quincentenary Festival, Tim throws the rock that leads to Lady Melody’s death.

Tim is a tall skinny farmer, with dark tan skin and bushy hair. If players question Tim about Lady Melody, he will tell them he’s heard stories of witchcraft involving human sacrifices to make Lady Melody young again. Tim does not fell any remorse for Lady Melody’s death, but he will not admit to throwing the rock unless the party promises there will be no repercussions.

Tim Feller

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