Sgt. Demetrius Talon has served king and country for six years, joining as a fresh young pup looking for adventure beyond his family’s farmstead at the age of nineteen.

Talon scored high marks in hiding and tracking, and showed promising leadership qualities during his training. He was chosen two years ago as part of select group of military personnel for a stealth campaign to rescue a political nobleman who had gone missing in a neighboring country before an uneasy parliment election. When the gentleman in command- Talon’s long time friend Sgt. Darius M’Alltune- fell ill with one of the country’s many undiscovered swamp diseases, Talon was appointed to take the lead. His sixth sense for danger served him well in a landscape so unfamiliar. He lead his men towards their goal, avoiding four traps of the deadly Oz-oaw tribe. He then succeeded in befriending the tribe’s Dak-niente- who took Sgt. M’alltune into their medical care and undoubtedly saved his life. A tribal guide lead them to their goal, and Talon succeeded in carrying out their task with flying colors. His role in this mission won him the promotion to Sgt. Demetrius Talon- and some time to enjoy a few lesser intense missions.

Talon has a heart of a rough diamond. He steers clear of unnecessary chatter, preferring instead to observe situations from the background until wishes to make himself known. He is clever in wit and dry in humor around close friends, strong and challenging in tough situations, and unmistakably professional when speaking with strangers. He enjoys a good game of cards and a glass of ale from time to time, but some suspect these small indulgences are a thin veil for his favorite pastime: observing others and making keen deductions about their nature from the slightest details.



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