Sir Galahad the Chaste


Descending from generations of nobility, Sir Galahad comes from the purest and most finanically established bloodlines in the country. His stiff formality, flowery poetic style, and endless pursuit of honor can be absolutely ingratiating. Fortunately, his superior fighting abilities and feirce loyalty aid in balancing his holy-than-thou personality.

Sir Galahad views the fairer sex as beautiful garden blooms to be cherished, admired, praised and adored- but never plucked. As a result, it is not uncommon for most every woman he comes across to fall madly in love with him. In his southern homeland, volumes of songs have been inspired by the unrequitted desires, heaving bosoms, and mournful sighs that shadow his actions. In spite of his strict adherence to his vows of chastity, his influence over women has a tendency to leave ripples of marital trouble in his wake. Because of one particular misunderstanding with a high Duke- and Duchess- in his homeland, he made the strategic decision to join the king’s military force and relocate to the capital three years prior.

His loyalty and grueling work ethic landed him a part of the palace’s elite guard. While his advancement has been quick and profitable, he has tired of royal politics and yearns to take place in his own heroic tale. Viewing himself as the ultimate good- pitted against life’s endless injustice- he was eager to join this party and be victorious over some great evil.

Sir Galahad is headstrong- but none too bright. It seems as if his descendance from a long line of intermarried nobles may have left the intelligence pool a little dry. Still, when given the right direction and motivation, he is an eager fighter and a reliable companion.


Sir Galahad the Chaste

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