Lady Melody

Recluse who lives in a Overlook Manor in the hills above the town.


Tall, dark hair, brown eyes, loves to wear elegant gowns and fancy jewelry. She looks to be in her early twenties, though its believed to be much older than that.


Sister of Count Hampton, Ruler of the land, the Lady Melody has lived in the Overlook Manor for Decades. Over the last forty years she has turned from a socialite into a recluse, rarely seen by the towns people. Recently rumors began in town that she was a lich, a fallacy that derives from recent sitings of her being a young women again, coinciding with the disappearance of several children from the town.

She attempts to quail these rumors by reemerging from her reclusive state, where she does appear to be in her early twenties. Lady Melody explains that this simply the result of her recent visitations to a SPA.

Several years pass, and the towns people still have not come to trust Lady Melody. Her apparence changes are dramatic. She will age several years in a few months, and then appear young again the next week. She brushes off each as a result of return visits to the SPA.

During the town’s Quincentenary celebration, Lady Melody is killed when an angry father who lost both of his daughters, throws a rock at the horse she was riding in the parade. The horse is spooked and bucks her off. As her last breath leaves her body, she ages at least 40 years in front of the towns people.

Lady Melody

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