Grog the Barbarian

Optional PC


Grog the Barbarian was abandoned on the mountains of Thull as an infant in annual ritual sacrifice to a local god. Raised by a hermitess who had been exiled on falsified grounds of witchcraft from the village, Grog spent a happy childhood wandering through the local countryside.

During adolescence, he took a liking to the daughter of a shepherd- who maintained a flock near his remote home. Their budding romance was not fondly viewed once it had been discovered, and the severe beating given to Grog was enough to drive him into his quest to become a legendary warrior. He longs to win back the respect of the village that had abandoned him.

Grog’s training began in the lowest levels of the military. His sheer strength, lack of reservation, and unfounded sense of loyalty singled him out for quick advancement. Having dominated several rivalry games amongst the branches of the military, Grog has become the Muscle you call when you need to get something done.

Grog the Barbarian

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