George Dragonbane


George Dragonbane is the youngest son of a small, declining aristocratic family. The estate was not prosperous enough to support George and his two older brothers, so, for the sake of family peace, he began his education in a prestigous monastery at a very young age.

George stumbled upon unexpected fame when quick thinking- and blind luck- allowed him to save a lesser prince of the kingdom when he was tossed from his mount in tournament. George decided to give the following legends abit of substance by subsequently devoting himself to the study of healing.

After a decade of intense study, George’s skill has finally caught up to his inflated reputation- and he can rest at ease knowing that he truly is one of the best. While he primarily spends his time cloistered in study, George has been called on from time to time when unusual circumstances arise.

Visitors seeking out his famed medicinal knowledge have also imparted an eclectic but masterful fighting style into George’s skill set. His worldview is also more broad than would be expected of a typical cleric. If it weren’t for his abilities in the realm of healing, and his unimposing appearance, George’s eccentric beliefs in the existance subterranean races and monsters would have been cause for alarm in his order far before now. His desire to confirm all of the legends that have so fascinated him may be one of his motives for joining a more politically driven force in this quest.

George Dragonbane

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