Conifer Jane


Conifer Jane was born Julienta to the large tribe of Oaken Root near the northern border. In spite of civilization’s endless progress, the expansive forest of Oakwood remained untouched by neighboring estates. It is mysterious place avoided by most civilization, shrouded in rumors of ill-conspiring spirits and wild druidic tribes. However, when thick, gleaming veins of gold bleeding down the moutains into the lands of her people were discovered, the Oaken Root tribe decided it needed more than old wives tales to protect their land.

The Oaken Root Tribe soon formed a treaty to protect their land with a more powerful, war-like area nobleman- securing it with heavy satchels of thick gold nuggets and Julienta’s hand in marriage to the family. The girl was taken to be “civilized” at the age of ten into the house of D’Annettion, where she earned the nickname “Conifer Jane” from her refusal to fully assimilate into the lifestyle of aristocracy. Surrounded by iron and steel, Conifer Jane drove the family mad with her preference to soft skinned tunics over proper boned corsets, her unshod feet, and her frequent disappearances on the vast family estate.

The D’Annettion family attempted to assuage the girl by allowing her to have a Druidic tutor- a native to the Oaken Tribe. Her bitterness of being parted from her tribe was buried under years of intense study. Her futher unhappiness after her marriage to the family’s most tyrannical son was made official pushed her deeper into learning the ways of her tribe.

Conifer Jane has a thinly veiled distaste and distrust for most humans hailing from the common world. She is strong and intuitive, but often severely independant. As her companion, expect her to be aloof until you’ve proven yourself worthy of her interest and protection. She is fiercely loyal to those with whom she has formed a bond- making her own “tribe” as her destiny forces her down a path parted from the forest.


Conifer Jane

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